Journey into healthy-hair nirvana with a Healthy Hair Spa treatment infused with steam, aromatherapy and essential oils that stimulate growth and produce silky-soft strands, all while leaving you relaxed and your hair refreshed.

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b4-n-after deep conditioning treatment

B4-N-After is the essential moisturizing treatment to prepare your hair for months of extensions or braids and renews the hair after a take-down. Includes a 10-minute head massage with deep conditioners, a gentle hair brushing to apply essential oils and a session under a steam hood.


Natural Glow Hair+Face Detox treatment

Refresh and renew with this detox treatment made with Bentonite Clay and more goodies that opens clogged pores, and removes dead skin, excess oil, make-up and other impurities, leaving your skin and hair gleaming with natural health.




growth infusion! scalp renewal treatment

Experiencing slow or no growth? Awaken dead cells and regrow healthy bulbs with this airbrushed infusion of stimulating nutrients that go deep into the pores of your scalp. Perfect for bald patches or slow growth all over.





Looking for an alternative to harsh relaxers? With this treatment Hair fibers are gently laid into a frizz-free state that lasts for 8 to 12 weeks via Shea Butter & Amino Acid. Get the look you want and protect health without formaldehyde or keratin. Perfectly for blending natural hair with extensions!



Cool scalp soothing treatment

Soothe your scalp using a blend of aloe, mint and additional organic oils. The Cool Scalp treatment gives much needed relief from burns caused by relaxers, over processed coloring, adhesives and heating tools.



sweet strands hair softening

Your hair is coated with a custom-blend of moisturizers; including caramel and honey extracts as you then spend 15 relaxing minutes under a micro-mist steamer to help open the hair cuticle and drive in the moisturizers. Provides maximum protection from the heat of styling tools and chemical treatments while at the same time locking in moisture and better defining color, giving you shiny, soft and frizz-free hair. Delicious!




Scalp Scope & Health Check-up

Are you having a tough time figuring out why you're experiencing alopecia, hair loss, excessive dandruff, dry scalp and want to restore growth and health? Take control of your hair concerns by using our tools to magnify the scalp & follicles. We take a deep look at the unique factors that could be contributing to your hair loss and provide solutions going forward.

Scope & Check-up session: $100