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Nina Ross Hair & Skin Therapy Grand Opening

Confidence and Youth are priceless. The least we could do is give you a 10% discount.

We've opened our new Atlanta location and are excited to share all the new ways our Atlanta hair stylist can help keep you feeling confident and beautiful! To do just that, we're taking 10% off all of our new highly effective services to address Hair Loss, Imperfect Skin and Unwanted Body Fat. Learn more about each service below and book on our online calendar today!



Are you experiencing Alopecia, Lost Edges, Dry/Brittle Hair or Uncontrollable Hair Thinning and don't know why? The Nina Ross Hair Therapy in Atlanta could be the answer to your hair happiness dreams.

We offer highly effective treatments like PRP for Hair Loss and Fusion MESO Hair Loss Therapy. Both choices are great for regrowing hair but we don't just stop there. We also help identify the reasons why your hair issues are happening and provide proven methods to keep your head full of beautiful locs! Nina Ross hair in Atlanta use a revolutionary technique that involves no hurtful injections into your head.

Visit our Atlanta Hair Loss Clinic or Book your Hair Loss consultation right now and get 10% off 5 months of treatments!  You can finance your treatments if you have fair or above credit!


Eyebrow Microblading

Get perfect eyebrows in the morning, night and during the day with the semi-permanent Microblading technique and have natural looking for beautiful brows 24/7/365.

Microblading takes thin eyebrows and makes them fuller and thicker in a matter of minutes! This technique is safe and is undetectable by the naked eye. The best part? They last up to 2 years with touch-ups!

Nina Ross in Atlanta specialize in 'blading all pigments and darker skin tones. Book now for 10% off your first Microblading session. One try and you'll be hooked!


Fat blasting/Body Sculpting

If you're anything like us, no matter how much you diet and exercise, there's certain body fat that never seems to disappear. Until now.

Our Fat Blasting Machine is the most advanced and effective non-invasive European method for eliminating stubborn fat and cellulite. The best part is those with larger general areas of stubborn fat will potentially see more success with Fat Blasting vs Coolsculpting, which works best on smaller areas.

Come and talk about all the ways we can blast the fat away from your midsection, arms, neck, butt and more! You'll get 10% off 4 months of services as we help reveal the best version of you! You can finance your treatments if you have fair or above credit!

We're also discounting services like:

Vampire Facelifts - Amazing anti-aging facial treatment using PRP.

Stretch Mark Reduction - Pain free method of regrowing fresh skin where stretch marks used to be.

Short Pixie Hair Cuts and all Salon Services such as:  Steam Treatments | Relaxers | Color

We're discounting these services because we're excited to show you all the new ways we can keep you feeling youthful, confident and happy! Don't hesitate to come in so our weave salons in Atlanta can help! You can finance your treatments if you have fair or above credit!



YOU CAN be totally happy with your hair, skin and body.


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